MIWA for roasteries

Distribution of coffee beans in reusable packaging made easy

MIWA streamlines coffee distribution for roasteries, with reusable and smart packaging that keeps the coffee fresh and eliminates admin hassles.

Packaging as a service

Rent packaging for your coffee beans instead of buying it - just fill and seal the capsules and upload information into the data cloud. We can provide delivery services to cafés if needed. We also manage packaging sanitation and reuse.

Coffee quality is guaranteed

MIWA packaging is certified and 
100% safe. It is equipped with a one-way valve to protect the sensoric properties of your coffee. Product information, such as expiration, is passed through the delivery chain thanks to smart features.

Easy and fast onboarding

Nothing is needed from your side - we provide roasteries with an easy-to-use packaging set, we will onboard your team and provide support along the way. You can always depend on our expertise and experience.

Sales reports and inventory analytics

Keep control over the amounts of coffee delivered to different customers in the MIWA reusable packaging, get transparent cost overviews and track your environmental impact.


Get started in no time

We will provide you with a packaging kit with all the parts of hardware, as well as our app so that your onboarding is as smooth as possible. We can also easily deliver your coffee to cafés, should you need this service.


Let us handle the logistics

If you request it, all reuse logistics can be managed by MIWA and a third party, what you get is 100% tracking of all the deliveries. Delivery frequency can be optimized as per your business needs.


Hygiene and safety first

You don’t need to worry about sanitation. Before they are reused, we check and sanitize the capsules in a fully HACCP certified process.


Measure your impact

With every invoice, you will receive an overview of your company’s sustainability monthly impact and how much plastic waste you have saved since the beginning of your cooperation with MIWA. This way, you can measure your responsibility in terms of sustainability.


Here’s what others think of MIWA.
Martin Třešňák

Co-founder and Head of Fair & Bio roastery

Thanks to our cooperation with MIWA, we can reach customers who want to buy coffee without packaging. Quite often they look at the convenience of such a solution in addition to sustainability. I believe that thanks to MIWA capsules, the idea of waste minimisation will reach a wider public and their smart technology will reach numbers that will steer society towards a sustainable tomorrow.
Lukáš Zugar

Co-owner and Head Roaster, Dos Mundos

Thanks to MIWA, we can focus on what we do best and rely on our coffee beans being delivered sustainably and in clean packaging. It also takes the worry out of transport and supply and leaves us more time for our customers.
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