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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a leading institution in the transition towards Circular Economy. MIWA won The New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize in 2017 and participated in the Think Beyond Plastics accelerator program. Since then, MIWA has become an active EMF member.


Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss explorer and environmentalist named a Champion of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme, created and leads the Solar Impulse Foundation. SIF brings together 1000+ profitable solutions to environmental concerns without compromising economic growth, chosen by independent experts. MIWA was selected as one of the SIF solutions in October 2020.


The EIC Accelerator is Europe's flagship innovation programme for identifying, developing, and scaling breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations. MIWA succeeded in December 2021 after a highly selective procedure, and it benefited from both grant and investment funding.


The Social Innovation Tournament identifies and promotes the top European impact entrepreneurs. MIWA was recognized as a finalist in 2018 and is now a member of the SIT Alumni.


The 50 to Watch programme recognizes early-stage companies that are both commercially viable and positioned to address critical issues such as industry waste, carbon emissions, access to water, and food insecurity. MIWA was listed in 2021 and was chosen from over 800 companies worldwide.


The Association of Social Responsibility's award, given in collaboration with the Ministries of Industry and Commerce and the Environment, recognizes Czech projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. MIWA received the award in the Business category in 2018.

We are an innovation leader in refill and reusable packaging solutions

MIWA has developed and operates a technology-based reusable/refill packaging system which drastically reduces both packaging material and waste in a wide range of daily used products, e.g., food, pet food, home or personal care.

Technology essentials and key elements


Reusable B2B capsules

A data-monitored durable 12-litre container provided as packaging-as- a-service to manufacturers. It circulates among the manufacturer, point of sale and MIWA service centre. It is designed to be reused at least 300 times.

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Smart electronic dispenser

Electronically connected to the data cloud, the dispenser reads the product information and adjusts to correct and controlled dispensing of the product. It communicates with the scaling system and then sends information back to the cloud.

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Smart consumer cup

A reusable container equipped 
with an integrated chip ensuring 
full traceability and connection 
to the MIWA app. 

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MIWA mobile app

Our app enables payment at self-service refill stations, manages paired MIWA smart cups and brings information about purchased products to your fingertips.

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The loops never stop

We connect all the elements to keep the packaging and material flowing.

MIWA is a great example of how a circular economy is more effective than a linear one. It is a system in which the packaging and material are traced, monitored, and controlled. With its effective back end and attractive front end, MIWA is a unique solution that unlocks the business potential of reuse.


With MIWA, you need only 10 % of the packaging material.

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