MIWA for offices

A sustainable refill station for every workplace

Easy access to breakfast and snack products for employees. 
Self-service shopping with no packaging waste.

For offices

Healthy snacking

Always fresh snacks and breakfast goodies are available to your team anytime, 24/7. Healthy snacking is literally a pour away.

Easy maintenance

Simply click the full capsules into the module and it’s all set and ready to use. There is no manipulation with an open product.

Employee benefit system

As a reward or on a monthly basis, you can send your employees credit to the MIWA app which they can use for shopping. 

Meet your ESG goals

With MIWA, your office can promote good health and well-being, sustainability, responsible consumption, and actions to combat climate change. 

For vendors

Your own branded POS

Keep your brand present and thriving in customers’ lives through smart branded refill station that will enhance the brand experience and build loyalty.

Sell directly

Customers will buy your goods directly from you instead in a supermarket, which means no middleman shares and more profit for you.

Reach new customers

MIWA can help you sell your products to brand new bases of customers and expand your business in an attractive way.

Data tools and analytics

Everything is monitored, measured, analyzed and developed for your convenience, so that the system will always work in your favour.


Paying with the app

Shopping with MIWA is completely self-serviced and cashless, employees only need the MIWA phone app. They can link it to their debit card and receive credit as a benefit from the employer or the module operator. The app is also a handy tool to track purchases, product information, and personal environmental impact.


Straight to the dish

It is really simple, just grab a container available in the office or bring your own and start pouring! This way, no single-use packaging waste is created, what you get is tasty and healthy snacking.


Easy operations

The module operator provides products, sets the pricing policy and contracts the office. Products are delivered in MIWA capsules, which are easily clicked in the module on site. There is no manipulation with open products. MIWA provides the technology, complex packaging services to the product supplier, financial services and technical support.

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