MIWA for customers

Buy the product,

not the packaging

Shop in a simple and sustainable way, and save money with every purchase.

Ready to use

Nothing is required from your side. Just visit one of our partner stores and start shopping into your own containers or the MIWA smart cups, always available on site. Easy peasy.

Safety and hygiene first

We monitor all the tiny details so you only buy highest-quality products. Thanks to our data, you don't need to worry about expired products or cross-contamination with allergens.

No single-use packaging

Together we can waste and recycle less and reuse more. MIWA reuses all packaging as many times as possible, so minimum waste is created. Recycling is the last step.

Product info at a glance

The MIWA app helps you keep track of your purchase history, table of contents, allergens, and expiration dates. You can also follow your own personal environmental impact.

Get rewarded

Use the MIWA app and 
get benefits for responsible behaviour. We believe that sustainable actions should 
be rewarded.


All you need is a container

It is really that simple. To start shopping, you can bring your own container, use containers provided by the point of sale or take a MIWA smart cup. Choose your cup size and pour as much as you like.

Our smart cup brings more

There is more to the MIWA smart cup than just being a container. It can be instantly paired up with the MIWA app to make your shopping easier, provide you with necessary product information and reward you for reusing the cup.


Shopping made super easy

It’s as simple as weighing bananas on 
a regular in-store scale. A smart touch screen will guide you through the process and an electronic dispenser will make sure the dosing is under control. In case you’re not sure about anything, the store staff will gladly assist you. 


MIWA mobile app

A great choice if you want to know more about the goods you have bought into your MIWA cups. With the app, you can get discounts and rewards for sustainable shopping. You can also use the app for payment at self-service MIWA modules.

More about the app

Enjoy the experience

Find MIWA in a store near you and start shopping sustainably today!

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