MIWA partners with REWE and enters German market

October 02, 2023


We have teamed up with REWE, one of Germany's largest retail chains, to introduce our packaging waste-reducing technology in 11 REWE stores across Germany.

The collaboration entails a pilot test of MIWA modules, enabling customers to purchase products like pasta, rice, or cereals in reusable and returnable containers, helping fight unnecessary packaging waste and food loss.

"This marks our largest pilot project in the retail sector to date," shares Mirek Lizec, our Executive Director. "Germany's receptiveness to ecological solutions, coupled with widespread support for reusable packaging, makes it an ideal market for our innovative technology."

REWE's keen interest in MIWA lies in its hygienic and digital standards, safety, and efficiency. The user-friendly modules offer seamless integration and are easy for customers to navigate. Despite challenges such as inflation and global crises, MIWA is thrilled to collaborate with key players like REWE in driving sustainability forward in scale.

The latest second-generation MIWA modules feature dispensers with an upgraded two-line display and integrated scale, empowering customers to monitor dispensed goods and prices in real time. Enhanced with new vibration function, these modules accommodate larger and shaped products and prevent clogging.

Check out the Where to shop page, to see the full list of REWE stores featuring MIWA. 

Written by

Eva Ničová

Marketing Specialist & Project Manager