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Easy shopping experience

Capsule is placed in the shelf

Take a MIWA cup

Dispenser detects MIWA cup

Pour on your demand

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How it works

  • Reusable capsule
  • Modular shelf
  • MIWA cup
  • Shopper app
  • Information system
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Reusable capsule

Reusable capsule

The transport capsule is a 12 liter reusable container that circulates constantly among the manufacturer, the store, and the washing center. After getting filled, it carries detailed information about the product inside and it protects its freshness throughout the distribution. Inside the capsule, a thin single-use pouch ensures the hygienic protection of the food. The pouch is easily recyclable and we fully control its reprocessing, so that no material gets unnecessarily wasted.

Modular shelf

Modular shelf

Our smart modular shelf is designed both for smooth in-store operation and convenient shopping. The store staff simply takes the capsules already filled from the producer and installs them into the shelf. The smart valves calibrate automatically and that's it: Let‘s shop! Just pour as much as you need by the repeated pushing of the valve. In the meantime, the real-time data flow to the information system and the retailer can continuously track the stock.

MIWA cup

MIWA cup

Imagine a smart food container that communicates with dispensers and the cash-desk system, so you do not need to tare it or scan labels. This is the MIWA cup! You simply buy it at the retailer, register it and then use it for your waste-free shopping. At the end of its life span you can return it and we take care of the controlled recycling of the cup.

Shopper app

Shopper app

With the MIWA app, you can not only conveniently order and pay for your purchase. You can also easily view the information about the producer, expiration date, or allergen content. The app also gives you some cooking tips and it allows you to track the amount of packaging waste you have already avoided!

Information system

Information system

The information system is the backbone of our technology. It enables us to maintain full control over the movement of the materials and to responsibly organize its reuse. Through advanced monitoring and reporting, it brings efficiency into logistics and store operation. And what's most important – it strongly contributes to your comfortable shopping experience.

MIWA is a complete business ecosystem for smart reusable packaging – an ecosystem based on a clean and effective way of selling goods while minimizing packaging waste.

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