A World Without Wrappers

A unique technology helping producers, retailers and households prevent the creation of waste.

We stop waste before it happens. We make packaging-free shopping comfortable.


Waste-free transportation
of goods to stores.

Refillable capsules equipped with smart technology. Any produced waste remains under strict control and does not leave the supply chain.

Buy food, not packaging

Buy food,
not packaging.

Using modern technologies we fill your own or returnable eco-friendly containers with the goods of your choice, in a fast and hygienic way. Protecting your budget and our nature in a simple and quick way.

Only what's needed.

Only what's needed.

Any amounts to fit a single recipe, a momentary craving or even the monthly grocery haul. Comfortable shopping in stores as well as from home through our smart MIWA App.

New shop: comfort, inspiration, responsibility.

New shops: comfort,
inspiration, responsibility.

Detailed product information, inspiration and recipes provided while shopping. Payments directly from the app. On the top that support sustainability and local communities.