MIWA pro výrobce

Opakovaně použitelné, bezpečné a datově řízené obaly pro vaše produkty

Zjistěte, proč je MIWA ideálním obalovým řešením pro vaše výrobky.

Nejvyšší bezpečnostní standardy

MIWA is certified and 100% safe, meeting the requirements of the most demanding global brands. Product information (e.g., expiration dates and lists of allergens), is passed through the whole delivery chain and is monitored all the way.

Efektivní logistika

MIWA brings real-time data 
and full traceability. Manufacturers 
have constant control over 
goods amounts on the shelves 
and can access the system 
and performance overviews 
online, 27/4.

Cenné informace

The MIWA system helps manufacturers gather knowledge and obtain credible insights of customer behaviour which can be used for marketing purposes and for building brand loyalty.

Vaše nápady vítány

Are you looking for a way 
to launch reuse or refill solutions? We are here, ready to help and 
tailor MIWA’s solution to your 
specific needs. Let's make reuse possible together.


Obal jako služba

MIWA capsules serve as a robust, reusable B2B packaging for your products. Rent the packaging instead of buying it - just fill and seal the capsules, upload information into the data cloud through our app and ship them using your usual logistics chain. We manage everything else - the circulation among you, the point of sale and our service centre, sanitation and packaging and material reuse.


Váš produkt je vždy v bezpečí

Full traceability, certified processes and material standards ensure the highest product protection. To keep the product fresh and safe, the smart capsule contains a single-use inner liner. Once used, MIWA makes sure the liner is properly recycled and reused. Again and again.


Vše je pod kontrolou

MIWA packaging is equipped with NFC chips, which ensure full traceability and carry all necessary product information, such as batch numbers, expiration dates, and lists of contents or allergens. Our partners have access to dashboards with sales overview, amounts in shelves and other valuable insights.

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