During the last couple of years, we have put together a team that created the MIWA technology - a solution that helps to prevent waste. As we continue the journey of MIWA, we have learned so much, and we have been through a massive amount of inspiring conversations. Now, we want to share our learnings which could help others to learn, too, and help inspire more changes and innovations in technology and design.

That’s why we have opened MINIMUM WASTE - a place where design, technology and lifestyle meet responsibility. If you share our belief that waste prevention can be a natural part of our lives, then our space is meant for you. And if you doubt all that, then you are welcome even more. Just stop by, have a talk, watch, spread a word or have a word yourself. Discover what exists and get inspired to what can be done.

Opening Minimum Waste is for us another part of our journey, which we hope to enjoy together with you. Installations, round tables with experts, designers meetings and more will live in our place and will be shared with the community in the digital world.

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MINIMUM WASTE (including the MIWA showroom) 
Zlatnická 1130/12, 110 00, Praha 1