Up to Davos, Down to Zurich

...where will the project take us next?

MIWA is an exciting journey to be on. This time, the project took us to the snowy Swiss Alps.

Up to Davos, Down to Zurich
Up to Davos, Down to Zurich
Up to Davos, Down to Zurich

A trip to the Swiss Alps would usually mean rest and relaxation, but ours was an exception. As winners of the Circular Design Challenge back in November, we were invited to the announcement of the Circular Materials winners in Davos, Switzerland during the annual World Economic Forum. The surrounding ski slopes and cabins were tempting, but we kept our focus on the real reason we were there: to write MIWA’s success story.

Because of the World Economic Forum, the sleepy mountain town of Davos was covered with a flurry of activity. But our reception had a smaller group of around 60 people. It felt intimate and personal alongside top influencers like Stella McCartney, Wendy Schmidt, James Quincey and, of course, Ellen MacArthur. Their inspiring speeches gave us the push we needed to take on the next leg of the trip.

“The technical innovations developed by our winners are exactly what is needed to begin to address the wasteful material culture of the past century...” - Wendy Schmidt, Schmidt Family Foundation

Zurich was our next destination for the kickoff of the accelerator program. We had an awesome dinner with the other innovators and got to know them and their projects better. The diversity in backgrounds was easy to see, which made the fact that we will work together even more exciting. Beautiful things always come from the union of different ideas and angles.

The next day, the real work started. In true entrepreneurial style, each of us pitched our ideas and received feedback in return. We really thrived from this cooperation with other companies in various stages of their development. We made a lot of progress in just one day, and we’re excited to see what we will accomplish after a whole year. As Ellen MacArthur said, “I hope these innovations will inspire even more progress, helping to build a system in which all plastic materials are reused, recycled or safely composted.”

We all want results, and that’s exactly what we got from Davos and Zurich. The New Plastics Economy Innovation prize and accelerator program proves that a small group of people can bring their ideas to life. The journey with MIWA is full of pleasant surprises - where will the project take us next?

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