MIWA is when..

... we stop the waste before it even happens.

MIWA was created so that we could easily precycle, or in other words, so that we could easily prevent the generation of pointless waste. This means all of us: producers and retailers of goods as well as households. We searched for a long time, and now we have a solution.

Look at how we view the entire waste problem:

The foundation is the creation of a new business ecosystem. This means we connect all links in the supply chain for the effective distribution and sale of goods without packaging. Want to know more? 

This is the MIWA ecosystem: 

And what do consumers think of it? They have the possibility of comfortable, modern shopping with sufficient information and, most importantly, ecological thinking  - this is the MIWA shopping experience. They can select precise amounts of goods and types of packaging. They can also either have their purchases prepared immediately by an operator or whenever they'd like to pick them up. All of this is accomplished with an application of available online functions in every brick-and-mortar shop. 

Introducing MIWA shopping:  

For the system to work, it must benefit everyone. Everyone participating in the MIWA system gains these benefits: an economic sense combined with a socially and environmentally-friendly business. This is MIWA's main message for traders. You don't have to compromise, responsibility is now a business opportunity for you.

Find out what the MIWA system can offer you.

Do you want to play an active part in making a pronounced change in today's form of retailing? Do you support our idea of eliminating single-use packaging from our lives? Support MIWA on all social networks and spread information about our project. The more support we get, the faster MIWA will grow, which means the volume of waste that we have to deal with every day will continually reduce.

Thank you for your support. Your MIWA team. 

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Producers, retailers: are you interested in the possibility of getting involved in the MIWA ecosystem as a supplier or shop operator with our technology? Contact us for more information: miwa@miwa.eu

We're looking forward to it. The MIWA team. 

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