Social Impact

We want to reduce single-use packaging.

MIWA's mission is to reduce single-use packaging and have a positive impact on the environment.

Social Impact
Social Impact
Social Impact

Given the environmental aspect of our activities, we are often invited to events both abroad and home, to talk about what we do and how does it contribute to our planet's good. Here is a little selection of the most important events we participated at recently:


UNDP Innovation Days

The annual UNDP event called Innovation Days was held in Istanbul at the end of October 2017. This year, the focus was on social innovations and  “human-centered design” solutions that involve the humanist perspective and benefits for each individual. As an innovative project, MIWA was invited to the event and our system was presented by our social impact expert, Marek Havrda, PhD. Human-centered design is crucial for MIWA's success. According to us, big things can only make it through if they prove to be useful and beneficial for every single individual. In fact, MIWA is beneficial for every member of the ecosystem- the producers, retailers and consumers, too. The MIWA project gained success among the other participants because it is beneficial for the environment and at the same time convenient and useful for its users.

Food and Packaging Waste Workshop During the Menu for Change Forum

MIWA held a workshop on “Food and Packaging Waste” in cooperation with Czech NGO Glopolis during the International Menu for Change event. The Menu for Change project is devoted to eco-schools from 9 european countries and aims to spread a more responsible attitude towards food and consumption and thus, have a positive impact on the environment. During the workshop, our representatives Marek and Tereza explained how the MIWA system works and its potential benefits regarding packaging and food waste. The presentation was followed by a discussion on how we can minimize waste (both packaging and food). It was nice to see the many people from scholarly backgrounds who have such a responsible approach and aim to spread their ideas further.

Don't forget to read the article about the most recent event, Rethink plastics in Brussels written by our occasional blogger Tereza:

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