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We now have a senior designer on board and we’re getting the ball rolling on our technology!

MIWA Technology
MIWA Technology
MIWA Technology

In the beginning of this year, Filip, a senior industrial designer, joined our team. Thanks to him, the development of MIWA technology has been gaining momentum. Filip mainly focuses on industrial design and his work has been awarded several times both here and abroad. Given his experience and technical skills, he is now in charge of the technology development, where he will surely do a great job.

We have been working on the system for nearly three years and the results of our work are prototypes for the hardware, including the capsule, the BMS (Bulk Modular System) and the dispensing valve. The prototypes were tested and analyzed. Based on the findings, Filip has come up with an adjusted design and the engineers are now working on a new series of prototypes, which should be ready this June. Look how the technology developed over the three years:

Ergonomic study

Construction study

First prototypes

...and this is how we are tuning up the new series of prototypes:


P.S. Don't forget to come see the technology at our Minimum Waste Space. We are opening soon, so stay tuned!

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