The Circular Design Challenge

All it takes to change the world is one idea, and the necessary help to execute it.

October 05, 2017Read more

MIWA is when..

MIWA was created so that we could easily precycle, or in other words, so that we could easily prevent the generation of pointless waste. This means all of us: producers and retailers of goods as well…

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MIWA Technology

We now have a senior designer on board and we’re getting the ball rolling on our technology!

April 11, 2018Read more

Up to Davos, Down to Zurich

MIWA is an exciting journey to be on. This time, the project took us to the snowy Swiss Alps.

February 12, 2018Read more

MIWA On Screen

After gaining international publicity thanks to the Innovation prize, MIWA has appeared in various media, including Sky News.

April 11, 2018Read more

Social Impact

MIWA's mission is to reduce single-use packaging and have a positive impact on the environment.

April 11, 2018Read more

Development you say?!

We are finally able to answer the most common question that we get - “When will it be ready?” now. And the answer is IT IS READY NOW!

November 15, 2018Read more


Solutions already exists and MIWA draws a line in the sand to stop plastic pollution and waste.

November 14, 2018Read more

MIWA around the world

We participated in many events during the past few months. October was the busiest month since we pitched MIWA ecosystem in Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and we were also in Oakland in California.

November 15, 2018Read more