EU and Czechia go circular and plastic-free Circular economy - discussion in the Czech Senate


Responsible Progress

Retailers are going digital. How does it affect sustainability?

August 16, 2018Read more

Single-use or reuse?

Tips on how to reuse the plastics that would otherwise end up in the trash bin.

August 13, 2018Read more

About waste in Africa

During my last trip to Africa, being a “minimum waster”, I couldn't not see all the trash that is almost ubiquitous.

August 01, 2018Read more

EU's fight against waste

As part of the support of the transition to a circular economy, the European Parliament and EU Council have adopted a fundamental legislative package (only waiting for the formal execution), which giv…

May 31, 2018Read more

Waste in Fashion

Waste. It really is everywhere, including the fashion industry.

April 17, 2018Read more

MIWA On Screen

After gaining international publicity thanks to the Innovation prize, MIWA has appeared in various media, including Sky News.

April 11, 2018Read more

Social Impact

MIWA's mission is to reduce single-use packaging and have a positive impact on the environment.

April 11, 2018Read more

MIWA Technology

We now have a senior designer on board and we’re getting the ball rolling on our technology!

April 11, 2018Read more

Rethinking Plastics

My colleague Marek went to Brussels to discuss the plastic problem and innovative solutions. Here's what they talked about:

April 09, 2018Read more

Little by little...

Amina J. Mohammed visited Prague. What does the second most important person in the UN have to say about global problems?

March 28, 2018Read more

A Tiny Invasion

Plastic products make our busy lives so much easier. If something was invented to help us, it can’t possibly hurt us...right?

February 27, 2018Read more

A Solution for PET Bottles?

A new working group will try to find out whether we can establish a deposit system for PET bottles here. Is it desirable? What are the upsides and downsides?

February 22, 2018Read more

Up to Davos, Down to Zurich

MIWA is an exciting journey to be on. This time, the project took us to the snowy Swiss Alps.

February 12, 2018Read more

A Perfect

After many years of wasteful product packaging, the shipping industry is receiving a minimum waste update.

October 24, 2017Read more

Gram Malmo

Bulk shoppers and business owners alike can find precycling inspiration in one of the southernmost parts of Sweden.

October 23, 2017Read more