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MIWA Newsletter - February 2021

Dear friends and partners, we're happy to bring you more news about the journey of building MIWA. The 2nd half of 2020 was a very fruitful period: full of hard work, great fun, product improvements, and business development. We introduced MIWA version 1.5 with new features and greater stability, gained many new business partners across Europe and expanded in the USA. Our team has grown to 22 amazing people. There's a lot of work ahead of us, and we are looking forward to it! Thank you for your support and have a wonderful 2021!

Best regards,

Petr Báča, Founder & CEO

Business and Development


MIWA in France

We are very happy that recently, MIWA was introduced to France in the major French retailer Intermarché. Customers of their store in Paris - Alfortville can choose from 45 products of brands BarillaDaco Bello and JusteBIO.

Shopping with MIWA Cup

Intermarché customers were the first ones to experience the smart shopping experience with the reusable MIWA Cups and a MIWA App! We combine technology and convenience to the daily shopping. Now there is no need to tare / pre-weigh the cup. The customer has detailed product information and shopping history at hand in MIWA App.

7 seconds for the planet

Our entry into the French market is being supported by the campaign 7 seconds for the planet. With the campaign, we'd like to raise awareness of reuse concepts in Europe and also draw attention to MIWA. Join us and become a part of it! 


The Nestlé story continues

Recently, MIWA has been popping up in more and more Swiss Nestlé Shops. This fact is wonderful in itself – but on top of that, we are pleased that our installations have become very quick: In only 8 days, we installed our technology in 16 locations.

Interior of a Nestlé shop with a MIWA module inside

MIWA employees Eliška and Franzi giving a thumbs up

Partnership with Aptar

During autumn, we also entered into a strategic partnership with Aptar Food and Beverages. We believe that this highly innovative global company will help us become even stronger in terms of innovation and the ability to grow.

Aptar logo

Open press release

Developing MIWA ecosystem

As the logistics are a deeply strategic topic for MIWA, we are very happy that we've gained Mirek Pavelka on the position of Logistics & Operations Director. With his more than 15 years of managerial experience in distribution and supply chain for major retailers, Mirek will lead MIWA towards the most effective ecosystem preparing the ground for our operation in scale.

Mirek Pavelka portrait



MIWA in the Upstream Innovation Guide

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s new Upstream innovation guide is packed with practical solutions for a circular economy for plastic. We are proud to be a part of this!

Upstream inovation guide banner

Open the Guide

New member of Solar Impulse Foundation

In October, we joined the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions by the Solar Impulse Foundation and play a pioneering role in bridging the gap between ecology and economy.

Learn more

Our Minimum Waste has grown

Minimum Waste is our unique space in the heart of Prague, combining an education platform and a shop. Although 2020 wasn't an easy year, Minimum Waste has continued to grow. It has quickly transformed into an e-shop and its community has grown substantially!

The Minimum Waste manager Bára sitting Buddha-like with a cup of coffee

More about Minimum Waste

MIWA in media


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