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Development you say?!

We are finally able to answer the most common question that we get - “When will it be ready?” now. And the answer is IT IS READY NOW!

Yes. The capsules, in-store stands and the mobile app are all ready and we are currently working on the implementation in stores with our partners.

The implementation itself will last a couple more months. We still need to link all the systems, make the first series of the technology and test everything, but we can say that the first stores with MIWA are close.

When we look back over the last four years, it is almost incredible, how the initial idea changed in time. The development meant many dead ends, a good amount of frustration but at the same time new impulses, improvements and foremost joy from the new discoveries.

There is a lot of work awaiting for our team and our partners during the pilot project. We will work on the ideal use of the technology in chosen stores in Prague, fine tune the shopping app, choose suitable products and also containers for the customers for their packaging-free shopping.

We would like to thank to everyone who visited (or is planning to visit) our Minimum Waste space and help us with their suggestions to move with the whole system further. We appreciate your reactions, either good or bad, because they help us to improve the technology so that it works perfectly and efficiently for everyone involved.

When we first introduced MIWA to the public and started talking about waste prevention, we used to see rather pessimistic and confused facial expressions. What a change that we see today! Single-use plastics are the number 1 topic all over the media now, legislations on plastics are being created, consumers are seeking a more sustainable way of shopping and the retailers are trying to offer them solutions. Circular economy, on which principles MIWA is found, became a buzzword. We can only say one thing - awesome!!!

More information is out there, more chances we have to actually do something with the problem. Your support for MIWA and other projects has a great importance for the future. Stay with us and stay tuned.


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