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MIWA's response to the Commission's proposal for Waste Framework Directive

MIWA is pleased to announce the official publication of our feedback on the Waste Framework Directive proposal. We appreciate the European Commission's initiative to revise the Waste Framework Directive (WFD), specifically its emphasis on addressing food waste. We welcome these proposed changes as they align with our commitment to sustainability and our mission to reduce unnecessary waste in the food supply chain.

The proposal presents a pivotal opportunity to integrate smart reuse and refill packaging systems into the broader legislative framework, enhancing efforts to tackle food waste. MIWA acknowledges the potential impact of these systems in preventing food waste throughout the supply chain and advocates for their inclusion in the revised directives.

Manufacturers play a key role in this ecosystem. Reusable and refillable systems, particularly suited for dry, non-perishable food, pet food, and personal care products, significantly minimize food losses. Our B2B reusable packaging systems, such as capsules supplied to retailers, prevent undue product manipulation, ensuring better protection and reduced wastage.

Future technological advancements, including sensors, promise to improve these systems, offering better control and minimizing risks of food waste even before products reach consumers.

Retailers, leveraging refill dispensers and smart tracking technologies, gain insights into stock and approaching expiration dates. This enables strategic measures like discounted pricing, aligning supply and demand, and optimizing consumption dates to curb waste.

For consumers, reuse and refill systems empower informed choices and responsible purchasing. Integration of smart meters and mobile apps allows them to track consumption, reduce avoidable waste, and receive notifications about product expiration dates, promoting mindful consumption habits.

Most importantly, employing reusable packaging serves as a catalyst to raise consumer awareness about food waste. Consciousness about the environmental impact of packaging fosters responsible consumer behavior and, consequently, reduces overall food waste.

MIWA believes in a sustainable future facilitated by innovative, environmentally conscious practices. The proposed revisions in the Waste Framework Directive and Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation offer a crucial step towards aligning regulatory frameworks with impactful waste prevention solutions.

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