European Commission Plan to Eliminate Single-Use PlasticsA huge stand against plastic pollution

Citizens across Europe want to see an end to plastic pollution.

A Tiny Invasion

Plastic products make our busy lives so much easier. If something was invented to help us, it can’t possibly hurt us...right?

February 27, 2018Read more

A Solution for PET Bottles?

A new working group will try to find out whether we can establish a deposit system for PET bottles here. Is it desirable? What are the upsides and downsides?

February 22, 2018Read more

Up to Davos, Down to Zurich

MIWA is an exciting journey to be on. This time, the project took us to the snowy Swiss Alps.

February 12, 2018Read more

A Perfect

After many years of wasteful product packaging, the shipping industry is receiving a minimum waste update.

October 24, 2017Read more

Gram Malmo

Bulk shoppers and business owners alike can find precycling inspiration in one of the southernmost parts of Sweden.

October 23, 2017Read more

Our Ocean Conference

For three years, we’ve devoted our minds and hearts to MIWA. The fourth year has arrived to launch our progress to new heights.

October 12, 2017Read more

The Circular Design Challenge

All it takes to change the world is one idea, and the necessary help to execute it.

October 05, 2017Read more

MIWA is when..

MIWA was created so that we could easily precycle, or in other words, so that we could easily prevent the generation of pointless waste. This means all of us: producers and retailers of goods as well…

October 04, 2017Read more

Delivery Service

Eliminating packaging waste is often seen as a lifestyle change. However, there are plenty of existing habits in the world that have always helped our planet.

September 13, 2017Read more

Bulk Isn't Just for Food

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom or body, we’re all obsessed with cleaning. In order to do that, we’ve developed countless types of products in plastic containers that are easily found in almost an…

August 30, 2017Read more

Chopsticks Reborn

When you order takeaway, don’t throw away.

August 11, 2017Read more

Cutlery: just one use?

It is estimated that close to 40 billion individual plastic utensils are produced each year in the United States. The numbers are even scarier in India, where over 120 billion pieces get caught in the…

August 09, 2017Read more

A Circular Economy

What goes around, comes around.

July 31, 2017Read more

Clean Teeth Clean Planet

Our days begin and end at the bathroom sink in the company of a toothbrush. We tend to spend at least 3 minutes twice a day with it. After 3 months, we part. This relationship is not long-term and alw…

July 31, 2017Read more


The garment industry is the second largest polluter in the world, creating over 50 billion tons of waste in a year. We are glad to discover companies that decided they simply cannot contribute to wast…

July 11, 2017Read more