Ten Meals, One Plate

Waste ends up in either the garbage can or recycling bin, right?

June 02, 2017Read more

Delivery Service

Eliminating packaging waste is often seen as a lifestyle change. However, there are plenty of existing habits in the world that have always helped our planet.

September 13, 2017Read more

Jihyun Ryou

Up to 88 million tonnes of food, which is 173 kg per person, gets wasted in the EU in one year. Most goods end up in Dutch trash cans, where each person throws away 541 kilos of food per year. The mos…

May 25, 2017Read more

Development you say?!

We are finally able to answer the most common question that we get - “When will it be ready?” now. And the answer is IT IS READY NOW!

November 15, 2018Read more