Our Ocean Conference

The future of minimum waste is looking brighter with every step of the way.

For three years, we’ve devoted our minds and hearts to MIWA. The fourth year has arrived to launch our progress to new heights.

Our Ocean Conference
Our Ocean Conference
Our Ocean Conference

This October, we received some well-deserved recognition from several of the biggest names in the industry during the Our Ocean Conference held in St. Julien’s, Malta. The Circular Design Challenge received over 600 entries from companies all over the world, and MIWA was recognized as one of the top six winners of a generous prize. These are some of our favorite moments from the trip.

We arrived to the Hilton congress center with a lot of excitement and a bit of nerves. With speakers like Federica Mogherini and Dominic LeBlanc, it was easy to see how significant and formal the event was.

Many of these speakers had fascinating speeches, but a very memorable one came from American actor Adrian Grenier. He had one thing, and one thing only to convey to the audience: stop sucking.

The venue itself was an underwater paradise with the ebb and flow of the ocean all around us. We were reminded that everyone was there for one uniting reason – keeping plastics out of our ocean and in our economy, where they belong. This sense of community was very inspiring and emotional, and gave us the sense that this conference would create real solutions.

We entered the venue to receive our awards and immediately felt proud to be surrounded by such influential people. Powerful commitments were made from countries and companies taking steps to save the seas. The front rows were reserved for the state delegations while the rows behind sat representatives from esteemed corporations like P&G, Marks & Spencer and PepsiCo.

After a motivating introduction by Dame Ellen MacArthur, CEO Andrew Morlet and EU Commissioner for oceanic governance Karmenu Vella began announcing the winners of the Circular Design Challenge. Petr Báča was the first to take the stage to accept the prize for MIWA. Václav Čapek had to infiltrate the Canadian delegation to get the best photos. Luckily, a minister graciously gave up his chair for a few minutes while Václav captured the moment.

The ceremony concluded, and our stomachs were rumbling. We headed as a group to a restaurant and fortress called The Medina for a celebratory dinner. Guests included co-founder of the accelerator program, Daniella Dimitrova Russo and representatives from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Daniella gave a speech about the accelerator program and how it will help us go global and impress the world with our innovations. This program is priceless to us, and we are ready for the experience we will gain from it.

An unexpected but welcome turn in the night came when Petr and CupClub’s Safia Qureshi were asked to be interviewed on Sky News. We were able to meet so many great people that could really make an impact on our future, so this moment of publicity was truly the cherry on top of a fantastic day.

We travelled back to Prague with our heads high and our hearts full. Witnessing the Our Ocean Conference was a humbling yet empowering experience. The future of minimum waste is looking brighter with every step of the way, and we are looking forward to this next year of amazing progress.

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