Czech people versus ecology – Part 2

Consumerism is a cause of waste. The people started realising this and want to change it.

In the first part of this blog we were talking about general importance of environment protection in Czech people's lives. This time, we are going to discuss this topic in detail – we would like to disclose mainly the popularity of packaging-free shopping. So, what do you think?

Czech people versus ecology – Part 2

One positive fact at the beginning: up to 80% people would find beneficial if they could shop sustainably and in a modern way at the same time. This is for sure a good sign – but more specifically, we were curious how would people like the Miwa shopping system. Therefore, we showed them graphics how the whole process of shopping with Miwa capsules, shopping app and returnable containers looks like. We were very happy about the results: more than 2/3 of people would be open to try Miwa shopping.

Based on this fact, we could have the impression that Czech people feel inclined to sustainable shopping. But do they – by using available „tools“ – try to be sustainable even now? We showed a detailed list of all possible daily-life green activities to the respondents. The people were to mark which of the activities they do regularly, which only sometimes or not at all.

The results? Most frequently, the people claimed to be avoiding food waste, sorting waste at their homes and bringing their own shopping bags to stores. (Why do we meet so many people with plastic bags every day then? A real mystery, isn’t it? ;) About 12 % people bring their own bags for fruits and vegetables. Only 6 % people regularly bring their own cup for coffee to go, whereas 1/5 does it at least sometimes. Here you can see the complete list of green activities sorted by popularity.

93% Czech people say that they attempt to shop sustainably at least sometimes. A very interesting fact is that most of them changed they attitude recently or 5 years ago at the latest. It is therefore apparent, that responsible shopping is a recent trend.

Following graphics is nevertheless suggesting that the majority of people is still more interested in the freshness and quality of food than in its origin or ecological footprint.


And last but not least – the packaging free stores. Their number is increasing mainly in bigger cities. The reality which came out about them is, that most people have heard of them indeed, but only a few of them do their groceries there regularly – see this chart: 

Although many people have positive opinion on sustainable shopping, it doesn't necessarily be visible in practise. That's why we are going to enter the fields of psychology next time: by dividing Czech customers into four groups according to sustainable shopping. Also – if you haven't done it yet – we recommend to read also  the first part of this blog.

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