Bulk Isn't Just for Food

The important thing is encouraging customers to reuse whatever they have.

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom or body, we’re all obsessed with cleaning. In order to do that, we’ve developed countless types of products in plastic containers that are easily found in almost any shop. Unfortunately, our clean dreams are a nightmare for the planet.

Bulk Isn't Just for Food
Bulk Isn't Just for Food
Bulk Isn't Just for Food

It is often too difficult or dangerous to try to clean and reuse containers that contained things like ammonia and formaldehyde. MIWA is looking towards a future of minimum packaging for cleaning and personal products through the use of our technology and supply chain solutions. For now, there are some companies who are successfully doing something similar.

Selling refillable shampoos, liquid soaps, cleaners and lotions, Generation Green takes pride in their B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bottle) policy for their customers. They started their business by offering products without harmful chemicals, but realized that they could take things a step further by adding a refill program to their store. The product selection is constantly expanding, which makes their loyal community and customer base happier and happier.

Boasting over 300 different products, The Soap Dispensary is the ultimate destination for keeping things clean while preventing waste production. Shoppers can either buy a reusable container that the store provides or bring their own. The Soap Dispensary fills many container types, whether it’s an empty mason jar or an old whiskey bottle. The important thing is encouraging customers to reuse whatever they have. Customers simply choose the products and quantities they need, and wait for their order to be filled.

Green11’s policy is “Refill is the new Recycle.” This San Francisco shop sells eco-conscious personal care and cleaning products that are also refillable. Like The Soap Dispensary, customers can buy reusable containers from the store or bring in their own for items like shaving cream, lotion and soap. They prioritize building a community around their products, and hope to inspire others to have a major impact on the environment, one bottle at a time.  

These methods prevent countless containers from ever being purchased by customers, which prevents the waste before it even happens. We’re glad to see businesses implementing these bulk practices for non-food items, and can’t wait to do it too!

Special thanks to Generation Green for providing us with some great photos from their Instagram account!

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