MIWA around the world

Many events, a lot of experience acquired, ready to change the world!

We participated in many events during the past few months. October was the busiest month since we pitched MIWA ecosystem in Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and we were also in Oakland in California.

MIWA around the world
MIWA around the world
MIWA around the world

Let's start at home though. Big news is that we convinced both the jury and the public and won the Czech E.ON Energy Globe award in the "Business" category ! 

The E.ON Energy Globe awards energy-saving and ecological ideas that have a positive impact on the environment. 

Confident in our technology, we also pitched in California. We attended the VERGE GreenBiz, an event that explores technological solutions that meets sustainability. The objective: create a fertile ground to a clean economy through conferences and expositions, offering a unique mix of content. A chance for MIWA to show that we have an ambitious vision and a tangible solution to offer.

Another part of our team was on its way to Berlin. MIWA was finalist of the Green Alley Award, Europe’s first start-up prize for the Circular Economy. It was definitely a great experience for us ; a perfect opportunity to communicate about our vision, inspire and spread responsible ideas.

Because we love Germany, we also visited Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, to attend the Handelsverband Hessen's "Handelstag"- a German retailers association conference. The main topics were the challenges in smart stores, smart retail and digitalization. 

Our Journey continued in Copenhagen where we participated in the final round of the Social Innovation Tournament organized by the European Investment Bank. This tournament awards the best European social entrepreneurs. This year was focused on sustainable development with special emphasis on Circular Economy!

MIWA earned visibility and we are confident in the next steps of our development. We will keep you posted on our next activities, so be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter!

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