Emanuela Greco
Emanuela GrecoPartner, Consumer Research
Petr Báča
Petr BáčaFounder & CEO
Mirek Lizec
Mirek LizecExecutive Director
Václav Čapek
Václav ČapekPartner, IS Design
Robert de Groot
Robert de GrootPartner, Business Strategy
Martin Hoffmann
Martin HoffmannPartner, Application Development
Ivana  Sobolíková
Ivana Sobolíková Investor Relations & Fundraising
Filip Streit
Filip StreitHardware Design & Construction
Petr Škoda
Petr ŠkodaTechnology Research
Marek Havrda
Marek HavrdaImpact Strategy
Lukáš Otevřel
Lukáš OtevřelCommunications
Tereza Dohnalová
Tereza DohnalováPartnership Manager
Hynek Balík
Hynek BalíkMarketing & Business Development
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Recycling is killing us!

MIWA is a solution to a complex problem. For us the problem is a ridiculous amount of wrappers and other waste - a waste we stuff into bags and boxes, which we continue moving and driving from place to place. Most of all, we carry on hoping these will eventually be reused. Since we’ve created the problem ourselves, recycling can be a decent solution. However, it always makes much more sense to prevent a problem; we should not create the waste in the first place. So, say hello to pre-cycling.

We are MIWA.

The idea of creating a retail solution based on pre-cycling, meaning developing a way of effectively selling goods without packaging, was born in Petr Báča’s head at the beginning of 2014. Until then Petr’s main business focus was creating packaging solutions for different companies, so he actually had the first-hand experience with the strengths and the dark sides of packaging.

Work on the project started immediately in 2014. In that course of time, increasingly more brains joined the development process. Today our team includes retail experts, designers, programmers, technological developers and project managers. From the very beginning, we operated under a strong belief that new technologies can (or even must) change today’s retail completely and must give the world a solution which will minimise waste production.

With the start of 2017 we are introducing our wrapper-free project to the entire world. We believe MIWA will improve modern supermarkets and allow the birth of brand new shops. We believe it will connect producers and retailers in the best possible way and create a community of people who will want to take part in finding the solution for minimising waste.

We would be more than happy if you shared our vision with your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Your support helps MIWA grow and achieve the greatest social and environmental impact. You can also become a part of MIWA as a retailer or buyer. Or, you can simply follow us on our social media pages to keep up with the latest developments. At the very least, give us a thought the next time you are lugging an overstuffed bag of recycling to the bin on a nice rainy day.

With love,